Tuesday, July 27, 2010



Hook: Mustad C68S
Head: Foam
Tail: Ostrich herl and flash
Eyes: Stick on
Legs: Grazy legs
Hackle: Olive


 I use some foam that I got from a tackle shop. 

 I think the bait guys use it for putting inside bait to help it float.

                         STEP 2                               
Use your scissors or knife to shape the  foam and make a shalow indentation in the front of the foam.

                           STEP 3
Use thick needle to push a hole through the middle of foam for
where the hook must go through.

                          STEP 4
Push your hook through the hole and centre the foam.
I put some superglue on the hook shank to prevent
the foam from slipping or spinning

                                              STEP 5
Tie the foam down with your thread. You can now let your imagination run wild and colour the foam any colour that you want. I went for the polka dot look here, but it didn't turn out to great in the end. You can also colour it after your first coat of epoxy, but I like to do it now as the colour seeps into foam which to me looks better. If you want sharper colours then do it after the first coat of epoxy.

                                            STEP 6
Put on your stick on eyes and cover the foam in 5min epoxy and let dry.

                                           STEP 7
Thake a mix colour of ostrich herl and flash and tie in as a tail. You can off course substitute the herl for any thing you like.

                                         STEP 8
Tie down 3 piece of the ostrich herl and wind forward around the hook shank.

                                        STEP 9
Tie in your hackle of choice and wind forward and secure. Whip finish at this point and cut of thread.

                                       STEP 10                                         
Poke a hole slightly to the back and below the eyes. Stick your threader through and insert some crazy legs into the threader. Pull through and center the legs. I pull the legs slightly to much to one side and the add a drop or two of super glue before centering the legs again.



  1. Looks like the start of a great blog here Morne. Like the popper SBS. Will deff be popping back for regular visits boet!

  2. Just found this today. Nice SBS for a simple and easy popper. Diggin it