Friday, November 25, 2011

Here Kitty, Kitty!!!

Some mice that I have been tying up for Bass.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fishing with a friend

I fished this past weekend with my fishing buddy Roland. So far this season I have always ventured out by myself to fish and it was great fun to fish with Roland again. It was also the first time this season that Roland came out to fish the streams, and for a change the fish, the weather God's and the stream levels played along to make it a memorable day out.

We started to fish just after 8am and Roland had the honors to fish the first run. On his 5th cast a pretty little rainbow took his dry. I casted shortly after he landed his fish and about three casts later I also had my first rainbow for the day. With the pressure of blanking out of the way we settled down and slowly fished up the river. The next 40minutes or so however things were dead quite and I wondered if bad owmen of catching a fish so quickly was going to come true.

Roland landing his first fish of the season
We eventually arrived at a lovely little run and Roland was fishing the one side and me the other. Roland got a take on the dry and while he was busy landing it I also get a hook up. From then on we landed fish after fish from every likely looking spot. At one spot there were a few fish rising to a hatch and we made turns catching all of them.

It was just one of those magical  "one fly all day" kind of days and fishing with a good friend made it so much better. The last couple a months have been hectic at work and I don't make enough time to go fishing these days. A day like this reminded me to do it more often.