Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hends Body quill

I have recently received some Hends Body Quill material and have been playing on some flies with it. It is easy to work with and comes in a variety of colours. Though I haven't experimented enough I really like this material as you can vary the colour of the bodies by changing the number of wraps. You can also add different colours in your body as seen in the Red Butt nymph.

Two other flies I have use it on so far.

Colours available


  1. top notch flies Morne....Say here is another blog you need to check out.Primarily for carp Jean paul writes the very popular this guy is one of the best fly tiers around with thousands of patterns you could check out.

  2. i have a qustion about this product. is this a tinsel type of material? a thread? i cant make out what it actually is.


  3. Hi Normand

    It is a flat mylar tinsel. Can be used as a alternative for peacock Quill. Have a look at some flies tied by Lucian Vasies at the link below to see what can be done with it.