Saturday, August 21, 2010



This is a very productive dry fly here in our local streams. It was designed by Tony Biggs and you can probably  find it in every fly box in South Africa. It is a wide hackle dry fly with long trailing legs to create the impression of movement. It presents beautifully and if tied correctly settles on the water as light as a feather.

RAB stands for Red Arsed Bastard

Here is a great Step by Step by Tom Sutcliff.


HOOK: Light wire dry fly hook with a wide gape
TAIL: Cock hackle fibres or CDL
BODY: Stripped Peacock quill
HACKLES: Ginger saddle hackle and CDL.
LEGS: Squirrel tail fibres

This wild river Brown loved the RAB

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  1. Something tells me the brownies in Pennsylvania would take a bite outta that fly too.