Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saterday small stream fishing

A friend and myself spend the morning fishing one of our streams. Instead of the usual photos I though I would share a small movie of the day. The quality is pretty crap as it was shot on my little point and shoot camera, but I though it might be worth sharing.

We left early morning to a beautiful sunrise. The air temperature was a cool 12C and the water temperature a cooler 10C. The fishing started of slow with only one fish in the first hour or so. It soon picked up and we started to land more rainbows. It was one of those weird off days for me where nothing seems to go right. First I couldn't get my leader to turn over, and then I has a serious case of bad knots that kept on breaking off. Eventually I changed my complete leader setup and things improved until I kept getting stuck in trees and rocks, making bad casts and spending half the time undoing tangles. I did manage to land a few fish though. All fish apart from one that we caught fell to nymphs. We were really hoping for one of those magical days that we get on our streams where you don't even have to bother tying on a nymph, but it was not meant to be.

It was a fun day out though and with only 9 more days remaining of the river season we made the best of it.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blue Gum Grove

I spend the morning at Blue Gum Grove today trying to fool the new fish that we stocked in the week. A few days in the dam and they are already getting clever enough to first inspect and then avoid my flies.

The morning started out misty and cold but it soon warmed up. I had my little point and shoot camera with me and in between the fishing I snapped some pics.

While I was taking some pics of the dam the below two fish decided they also wanted to be in the pictures. I didn't realize that I snapped the moment of them chasing dragon flies until I looked at the pics on the computer. These are cropped to show them better. Not the greatest of pics but it was kinda cool to discover them there.

A closer close up of the second fish

And yes did land some fish but unfortunately my batteries on the camera died so no pics of them.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A cold, wet and windy day on the river.

I spend a few cold, wet and windy hours on the river this morning. Woke up early and looked out the windows to see what the weather gods were up to. It looked pretty miserable outside but I packed my stuff anyway. Just as I was about to leave at about 7AM my wife reminded me that today was actually a normal working day and that the school moms would be keeping up traffic as normal. This would mean an hour stuck in traffic so I made another cup of coffee and waited it out.

I eventually got on the water at about 10am. While rigging up it started to drizzle and I got myself ready for a wet day. I only planned to fish a wider, open section of the river and got my first brownie on about my third cast on a dry fly. Soon after I got a nice rainbow on a nymph. All the time I was wishing for it to stop raining. I got my wish a bit later, but 10 min later I was wishing for the rain again as the wind came screaming downstream as soon as the rain stopped.

I was fishing a dry and dropper rig and shortened my leader and put a heavier nymph on to try and punch the flies into the wind. Eventually I gave up as I couldn't get in a decent cast or a proper drift and walked downstream to some pools that is more sheltered.  A small hatch of Mayflies were happening and I continued to catch fish on both dry and nymphs for the next hour or so. Even managed to catch a Small Mouth Bass.

Someone then switched of the lights and the fish went to bed as I couldn't move anything else after that. It started to rain again at about 1pm and I decided to pack it up for the day.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blood Knot Magazine - The Blue Collar Issue

Check out the new issue of Blood Knot Magazine. Rumor has it that Cofisher made an appearance.