Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A fishing weekend

A few months back I was stuck in traffic late on a Friday while driving home. I was tired from the week and decided that now is a good time to take a break.I phoned my friend who owns a farm next to a river  and told him to get the beers in the fridge because we are on the way for a bit of an impromptu fishing weekend.

Arriving home I first told my Jack Russel (Spud) about the trip, and I guess he remembered the Jack Russel Bitch that my friend has as he put on his best grin, hoped in the car and announced himself ready. He was less impressed when I told him he had to pack all his own food and other junk.

My wife was just as easy to convince and we chucked some clothes and other goodies in the car and were soon on our way.

The four hours drive to my friends farm passed rather quickly and pleasantly, but I was in for a bit of an surprise on having my first look at the river. I guess I should have listened more carefully when he told me that they are having quite a serious drought there and that the river was a "tad" on the low side.

Nothing could however dampen the anticipation of spending a relaxing weekend in a beautiful part of the country, and soon the beers were flowing, the fire was lit and stories were shared.

The next morning I headed down to the river, but where I used to fish I was now driving around in my car. I found one or two deep pools and and only had the following monstrosity to show for my effort.

A while later Spud joined me and he looked rather depressed and plunked himself in the water to sulk.I am not sure if he was thinking about how bad the fishing is, or whether he was cooling his balls seeing that I haven't seen him since he and the bitch ran of the previous night.

The rest of the day was spend relaxing and exploring, and the next morning I went down for a hour to the nearby river mouth to try my luck with some salt water fishing before heading home, but I guess the weekend wasn't meant for catching any fish.

It is always a sad time driving home from a good weekend, but at least the memories spend in good company will always be there.


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  2. I've had several blanks this season Morne and to be honest just being outdoors here makes up for no fish. Still you managed to catch something.