Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gravity is alive and well....

I learned some valuable lessons today. As often happens it was during one of those "Oh F*ck" moments.

For years I have been keeping all my various beads in a handy little box separated in different sizes. I was always a bit worried that the box is going to fall and scatter it precious cargo into a million directions, so I put a few elastic bands  around the cover and hoped for the best. As mentioned, this has served me well for the last few years.

I can bore you to death and tell you all the steps that had lead up to the moment of disaster, but to cut a long story short  I will just show you the picture of the ultimate result.

Just a word of warning. This picture might cause the same effect as when you see another guy get a kick in the nuts.

My bead box will never be the same and from now on I will always wonder if that 2mm tungsten bead is really a 2mm tungsten bead.

The lessons learned. 

  1. Gravity is alive and well.
  2. A 1.5mm bead is really small.
  3. I should look under my tying table more often. I discoverd lots of long lost material and tiny hooks.
  4. The maid doesn't do a proper job in cleaning up.
  5. My wife will not help me pick up beads.
I blame it on the new girl in the house for distracting me.



  1. I love Roxy! Might be a good fishing buddy!

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. Roxy is all ready a handful. We got her to keep my other fishing buddy Spud company. I wanted to call her Chips or Mash to keep to the potato theme but my wife wasn't impressed.

  3. thats a good lookin pup! hope it dont snort a bead.