Wednesday, September 8, 2010

GM fish and monster Goldfish

"Genetically modified salmon, which grows at a superfast rate, is safe to be farmed and eaten, American scientists have decleared."

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By growing your own new Genetically Modified fish us fisherman would be able to add countless new species to out list.

Want to catch a 100lb trout? No problem. Just chuck some DNA in a bowl, give it a shake, and empty it into your favorite backyard pond and wait a few weeks.

Full story here
 Soon you will be able to claim catching the very first 30lb Goldfish. Oh wait.... that has been done already.

This monster was caught in France by a very lucky angler. All he needed to catch it was for his mates to tell him that they have been trying for years to catch the "legendary giant goldfish". A few minutes later he proved what we fisher people have known all along.

If you don't want someone else to catch the fish that you have been stalking for months and have had dreams about, then don't tell someone about it. 

Soon they will have the picture of your dream fish that you want to brag about to your mates.

I am looking forward to stocking my pond with a Genetically Modified Mermaid. I wonder if Angelina Jolie would let me collect some DNA? I will practice catch and release, I promise.

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  1. Love the story and the fish! Let's see the taxidermist knock off a reproduction of that guy. On the Anglina Jolie thing, if you manage to pull it off I'll be happy to invest as an off shore subsidary....