Sunday, September 26, 2010

A non fishing weekend away

I say non fishing weekend even though I did take the fly rod along. There was just to many things to do and besides, the water at my friends farm is still incredibly low due to the ongoing draught.

We decided to take my wife’s Jeep instead of my Bakkie (truck)for the 4 hour trip this time as it has never been offroad before and I was keen to see what it can do.

We arrived at the farm late morning on Friday and as it was National Braai (barbeque) day here in South Africa we soon had a fire going and started to relax. Apart from my mate showing us the proper way to prepare and cut up a lamb and also showing us how he harvests and prepare honey we spend most of the day sitting on the balcony  drinking beer and wine.

Saturday we decided to go for a fun drive on the now almost dry river bed and promptly got the Jeep stuck.










Even after a hell of a lot of digging we couldn't pull it out with my brother in Laws Landrover and we then also proceeded to get his Landrover stuck in the process.


After some more digging we eventually used a high lift jack and jacked the vehicle out of the mud. We propped the wheels up on some rocks and with the help of the now unstuck Landy and a Toyota bakkie  we eventually got it out.





Boy,digging out a stuck Jeep is hard work.




We then went off and played some more….


Saturday night was once again spent around the fire and the two legs of lamb that we had on the spit had us eating like kings..



Even though there was no fishing it was still a nice relaxing weekend and the batteries are charged for another work week.


  1. Some rough goings there.

    That lamb looks great. Fine Fare.

  2. It was a fun day. The sad part is that we normally fish where we were now driving.The guys down there really needs some rain soon.