Sunday, October 31, 2010

Damsel Flies

I went out fishing at the dam this morning and I though that instead of boring you with the usual fish pictures I will show you a pretty little Damsel Fly that decided to dry its wings on my float tube. (Ok, I didn't actually land a fish, so this is all I have)

I also shot a little underwater movie of a Damsel nymph swimming but I still  need to figure out  how to edit it and load it on Youtube.

One of the fish my friend caught this morning took the fly deep into it's gills and had to be killed. When opening its stomach it was stuffed with Damsel fly nymphs.  The below patter has always worked for me when the fish are eating Damsel fly nymphs like this. Sadly I didn't have any of these patterns in my box this morning.

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