Sunday, October 3, 2010

A hour's Bass fishing

I went for a an hour to Blue Gum Grove today to try out my flies that I tied yesterday. In the hour that I was there I landed about 15 Bass with the biggest being about 1kg. A friend of mine’s wife caught a 3.5 kg fish there a while back so I know the big ones are there. The water at the dam is crystal clear and it was fun chucking a fly in front of a fish and teasing him to take it.

A sunny morning at the Bass dam.

All the fish were caught on the Mohair Streamer as this hungry little guy showed.


  1. Nice photos.
    A largemouths colors are beautiful, love the green.


  2. Wow, 15 in an hour, that's impressive!

  3. Thanks guys. Chris it was just one of those days. They were super easy to catch and with the water so clear I could target specific fish.