Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saterday fishing

I spend some alone time on a local stream this morning.I normally fish with my fishing buddy Roland, but I also quite enjoy spending some time on my own. It means i can fish the way I want to, whether it is fast or slow and dont have to feel guilty when I hog the best water.

Some great looking water

I started fishing at about 7:30am and in the first two hours the going was very slow.I started with a RAB, but soon changed to a CDC and Elk hair caddis with a dropper hanging below the dry. After about two hours of fishing I had only landed two fish and while having a sandwich I was scratching through my flybox and found mt go to pattern from last season. I have completely forgotten about them and this was a very sad looking and well used specimen. I never the less tied it on and kept the dropper below it.

A bit worse for wear, but this little fly saved the day.

On my first cast I landed a nice rainbow and soon after got another one in the same run. From there on I landed about another 20 fish on this little fly until I lost it when a mean little rainbow charged of downstream and broke my 6x tippet.

One rainbow made a spectacular leap on the take and then proceeded to charge straight at me. On the next jump it flew straight into my chest.

When I eventually lost the fly, I tied on a regular Elk hair Caddis again, but had no further luck. I though it might have been the dark colour of the fly that made it so successful, but I could not raise anything on any black flies either.

I also made a spectacular stumble and have a very bruised and swollen leg to show for it. I could not feel it while wading in the cold mountain water but it was a rather painful drive home.

All in all it was a very stunning morning fishing and to boost all the fish were landed on a dry fly.


  1. The photo of the little stretch of water would make fly fisherman's mouth water. Beautiful country!

  2. That is truly some wonderful water.

    I love flies like that, so much to tell.

  3. Thanks guys. We are lucky to have some stunning water not to far away.