Saturday, November 13, 2010

Varoius flies

My mate Jan Korrubel send me these pictures of some Billfish flies that he has been tying for the Kenya Wildfly Billfish Challenge. Awesome flies and lots of respect to him for sitting down at the bench to tie so many of the same flies.

I have also been busy at the bench and below is some of the standard patterns that needed to fill up some holes in my fly box.


  1. Those billfish flies make up quite the school. Good work out of your friend. Your ties ain't to shabby either, love that beadhead third from bottom.

  2. Great flies.
    I especially love the parachute, and the yellow headed caddis?

  3. @troutrageous - Thanks, that brassie is easy to tie and very effective. Will be putting a tying movie of it on soon.

    @Brk Trt - That is a variation on the balloon caddis. I used "Klipspringer" (SA Buck) instead of Elk hair or deer hair on this fly. It floats like a cork and the yellow foam is just so that I can see the fly.

  4. Those are some beautiful flies. I agree with troutrageous, I really like that green brassie.

  5. Those bill fish flies by Jan are, iiiiiish! 100%