Sunday, December 26, 2010

Camping and fishing

Firstly I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and had the opportunity to spend some quality time with family and friends. The reason for my late Christmas wishes is that I did get to spend to quality time with my family as well as managed to get some good Bass fishing in at the same time.

We packed up the dogs and the tent on Friday afternoon and drove about 2 hours to a  farm next to the Breede river to spend the weekend. We arrived a little bit late on Friday afternoon and after pitching the tents we cracked some beers and sat around the fire talking nonsense.

Our happy camp

Saturday morning I was up early and after kissing the wife and wishing her a happy Christmas I was on the float tube and ready to catch me some bass.I managed a few small ones before the devil of all winds came up and blew down some branches of the trees. It was no fun in the float tube and I headed for shore to a delicious bacon and egg breakfast. The rest of the day was spend lying on the grass drinking beers and Margaritas.

Sunday morning I was up early again and after float tubing around a bit I hitched a lift with my brother in law in the row boat down to some rapids. I got another couple of small fish and landed some more on the slow paddle back up to camp again.

I didn't fish to much the weekend and also did not catch any monsters but there are definitely some big fish around. A few of them cruised around under my float tube, but ignored my flies completely.

We are back at home now a little bit sun burned and tired, but it was a fun weekend away, and I will definitely return to get some of those big ones.


  1. That campsite looks sweet.
    I'm looking at 60mph winds, 25 degree air temps and a foot of snow.

  2. what a great way to spend christmas,, Mine was roast goose and a log fire , A good whiskey and a cool pipe and look at the snow outside,,,,

    Oh to be able to fish again

  3. Thanks guys. I really was a nice weekend away. Don't be too jealous as at the moment it is so hot here that I would not mind a bit of snow.:-).

    I will however be fishing my favorite little mountain stream tomorrow and throw a fly for you guys.

  4. Glad to see you are blessed by the presence of our finest American game fish, the Smallmouth Bass. By far my favorite species to catch on a fly.

  5. Man..that looks great..I'm wicked jealous!

  6. Jay not something that I have tried to fish for before, but am starting to enjoy fishing for bass more and more.

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