Sunday, December 5, 2010

A day at the beach and some flies

I was hoping to have plenty of photos of Sand sharks for this post, but sadly it was not meant to be. We headed out early Saturday morning to hunt these fish and after stopping over for a delicious bacon and egg breakfast while waiting for the tide to rise we hit the water. These sharks are best targeted by casting to sighted fish, but due to the strong wind on the day it made it difficult to spot any fish due to the chop on the water.

My fishing buddy and myself only had about two hours to spend in the water and during this time we did not see anything. I heard from the other guys that was also there that they managed a few later in the afternoon. It was still a fun day learning some new tricks and after three weeks of no fishing it was refreshing to be out again, and in the word of my favorite Terminator "I'll be back"

Searching the flats

The windy day was more suited for these guys, or in this case , girls

On the tying front I have been playing with some Fish Skull's that I received recently . I am looking forward to giving these guys a test drive soon.

 The dry look

The wet look

A two tone bunny

On a positive note I will be on a weeks leave in 7 days time, so hope to have some more fishing time soon.


  1. Those fish skulls are really cool. Have been reading quite a bit about them recently online. Looks like they make quite a sharp fly.

    Looking forward to your "Terminator 2" post...the sequel.

  2. Really Nice Photos. The Fish Skulls seem a great idea!

  3. Let's see... you are wading tropical waters with pretty girls to look at while fishing? Sounds like you won the lotto to me. =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  4. Thanks guys.

    Ryan it is not often we get to fly fish while being surrounded by pretty girls in bikinis.That's part of the reason why we couldn't spot any fish. It really hard to concentrate. :-)

  5. Love the brown 'n white bunny Morne......Cant prase these fish skulls enough. Will it be the end of dumbell eyes?