Monday, December 13, 2010

Rainbow trout from a small stream

I finally had some spare time to get on the rivers today. I left home early and arrived at the water a short while later. It was a beautiful summers day with not a breath of wind here in Cape Town, but being mindful of the expected hot temperatures later in the day I got onto the water fast.

The second cast in the first pool had a small rainbow slashing at my fly, but unfortunately I missed it. The next pool produced another little rainbow and that was an indication of things to come. I only fished for a few hours and skipped a lot of water but I had about 15 rainbow landed at the end of the day. What was also great to see was all the really small rainbow trout that was slashing at my fly. These bugger actually became quite annoying after a while as they were gunning for my fly in almost every pool, but were to small to actually take the size 16 parachute spider pattern I had on. As soon as I got a good drift on my fly they would slash at the fly and knock it over before the dry could get to the bigger fish that I spotted in the pool, but as mentioned above it was good to see that the river is very healthy and that there is a good amount of small fish in the river.

As the temperature started heating up the fish also got scarcer and I decided to rather pack it up.


  1. Hi. Nice underwater shots. I love the last one.

  2. I agree... your pictures are most excellent.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  3. Beautiful pictures of those baby trout!

  4. Just checking out your older posts..very nice!