Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First outing of the year

I managed to do my first fishing trip of the year this past Saturday. Unfortunately there is no pictures of fish because I forgot to charge my camera's batteries. It was very slow day anyway and between the two of us we only landed two Rainbow trout and a few Smallmouth bass.

We got to the water at about 8am, which is very late for us, and it was already clear at that stage that it was going to be a blistering hot day. We fished dries and nymphs the whole day but it was tough out there. We would fish a run or pool, chuck various flies without spotting any fish and as soon as we walked through we would spook a few fish.

At one stage I was walking along a very shallow pool and grabbed hold of a bush hanging in the water and about 20 fish came charging out from underneath it. I guess they felt like us and hid in any shade that was available.

We got off the water at about 11am as it was just not comfortable anymore and you could actually feel the water warming up.

I did manage to snap a few pics before my camera died on me.


  1. Some of us in the northern hemisphere might trade you a frigidly cold day for a blistering hot one... we're ready for spring.

  2. Its snowing again, a major ice storm is due tomorrow.
    Those photos are a great tonic.

  3. It's amazing that you could convince anyone that the countryside in your photos was here at Fort Collins! The rock structure of the country side is virtually identical.
    As a secondary note.... I't -12 F. outside now with brutal wind and a wind chill of -41 F. Storm is moving east and heading for the mid-west/east coast again. All things considered I wish I was down there soaking up that sunshine!

  4. I will trade you guys some sunshine for some snow.:-) Our rivers here in the Western Cape is very low at the moment, while up north we have had weeks of flooding with entire towns cut off.

  5. No, no, no now. Don't go trading away our snow! I like seeing his sunny pics...

    Nice post, even if there weren't many fish, you know what they say - a good day fishing is better than a bad day at work. wait. is that right? i don't think that's right...

  6. No deal..keep the warm photos coming!