Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The latest specialised hackle shop.

By now most of you tying your own flies know that there is a serious shortage of quality hackle. Unless your wife or girlfriend has been buying into the new craze where our precious hackles are turned into hair extensions or earrings, you will have have to make do with the cheaper Chinese feathers from a while.

I have had to resort to putting my capes and saddle under lock and key ever since I have found my wife has started to stop going "eeeww" when she sees my dead chicken skins. I dont trust her at all when she now gingerly strokes my feathers and I certainly wont leave her alone with them when I am not home.

Anyway, I would like to introduce you to the newest craze in hackle shopping. This is a great little store where models in skimpy cloths parade in front of you showing the latest colours of hackle.We all know that sex sells, and what is better than looking at pretty girls and sexy feathers( or do I have that the wrong way around?).

The shop is called Owlita and they have a variety of hackle earrings packs to choose from. I suspect that the name has no connection to the other famous Owl (unless it is part of his evil plan of fly fishing world domination).

At $100.00 a pop they certainly aint cheap though, but you can sit there for a few hours and  stroke the girls feathers to get your money's worth.

Now why didn't I think of that first?

AFA signing off to go stroke some feathers.


  1. Putting them in your hair and now this?? Geez

  2. Fashion, all we need now is that bird flu craze.

  3. wait... there's feathers in those pictures?

  4. I hope this new trend is very short lived! Haha, if I ever see someone with the color I need in her hair, I'm totally plucking it out and putting it in my pocket.

  5. @Dustin - yip is a sad day indeed.
    @BRK - Maybe we should Set PETA on them.
    @Anthony - If you look REAL close.
    @Bruce. - Fashion never lasts. I look forward to the day where we can can get out feathers back. Hope the prices will get back to normal then too.

  6. I'm volunteering my services and vacation time to being a chicken plucker, oh feathers...never mind.

  7. Sorry, I know nothing about this.....but I will take one of each. Sans the feathers. Don't tell my wife. :)

    The first site I'm taking over is TAFA! muwahahahahaa! ;)