Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bassing around

I ventured out for a few hours to go fishing for some bass at our local dam today. I started out with some poppers and the smaller fish were hitting the poppers all the time. It really was fun targeting individual fish and then to see a few small bass all storm at the fly as soon as it lands. The bigger fish would however just swim up to the fly and inspect it  for a few minutes before it would turn up it nose and swim away.

FRUSTRATING and yes I was sitting in the tree trying to get this guy to take my fly
It's just not going to happen
Eventually I had enough of the smaller fish and set out to get my revenge on some of the larger fish. I tied on a fish skull streamer and low and behold on the fist cast one of the larger fish chased it as if possessed and  I watched it as it opened its mouth and swallowed the fly. I was a bit quick on the gun though and pulled the fly out of its mouth. I few choice words and two casts later another fish chased the fly and it was fish on.

My arm just wasn't long enough to get the whole fish in the pic. :-)

I was pleasantly surprised at how effective the Fish Skull fly was as it landed me quite a few decent sized bass.

Happy but tired little soldier

OOPS, hero shot gone wrong


  1. Looks like a good day on the water...gotta love throwing poppers for bass.

  2. My kind of fishing! Lovin it! You interested in trying some Road Kill Nymphs for them? Let me know. I do mine in size 10 but they work.

  3. What a great day! I have to admit that for a trout snob, I'me learning to love fishing for bass!

  4. Always a great day on the water when the bass are in a cooperative mood.

  5. Awesome job! Those bass are quite nice.

  6. Big bass like big meaty meals. I always enjoy stories about "selective bass" that make them seem almost as sophisticated as their salmonid brethren.

  7. @ J and M : Would definably give the road kill nymphs a go next time.

    @ Cofisher: Howard I must also admit, I am enjoying fishing for bass more and more.

    @ Jay: The bass in this particular pond knows just how to get your heart racing and they certainly give you a run for your money.

    Thanks for the comments guys.

  8. Great fishing!Awesome post with some great photos. Well done.

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