Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thanks Jeff

I while back I received a mail from fellow blogger Jeff over at Fly Fishing & Tying Obsessed that he wanted to send me some off his poppers and a few other flies. Well the flies arrived just a day before Christmas and they are exquisite. Jeff obviously put a lot of care in making these and the poppers especially looks to good to be fished.  I previously made a post of some poppers that I tied based on Jeff's flies but the real thing put my creations to shame.

All the flies Jeff send me

If you haven't done so already head on over to Jeff's blog and check it out. I know he also sells these flies and believe me it is well worth the money. Hopefully I will be able to test these out within the next few weeks and report back, though I know all of them will catch fish.

Monocacy Bumble Bee


Thanks for your generosity Jeff. As soon as I get my lazy but into gear again I will tie you some tiny trout flies to try.


  1. Jeff ties some awesome flies! I have a nice collection of his flies as well. Great pics!

  2. Great looking bugs!

  3. Jeff does amazing job with those poppers. It sincerely makes me wish I was a full-time basser. Thanks for posting those up. Happy Holidays!

  4. Thanks man. Glad to hear they made it safe and sound and that you like them. I cant wait to see what you catch with them.

  5. I have a couple of his poppers from fly swaps. That fruit cocktail fly can be a killer in the summer. Don't ask me what the fish think it is though :)

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