Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some Salty Flies

Things have been very quiet on here lately. Our streams have been very low and with high temperatures it just was not worth it to venture out. In the last two month I have only gone fishing once and that day turned out in a blank. At least I am now officially on leave for the next few weeks and with our traditional Easter weekend rain things are looking better. I have a date with a small stream tomorrow so let's hope I can get some fish.

In the meantime I have been filling up my salt water fly boxes in anticipation for a week-long trip that the missus and I is going on next week. Today I cranked out a couple of clousers and while getting bored from tying the same thing over and over I also started playing around and came up with the below fly. Going to tie up a few more in some different colour combinations and hope that the fish like them.

Below is some of the Clouser's I cranked out today.


  1. Great flies! Let's hope the fishing gods are good to you.

  2. digging those squid Morne....also love the new blog cover image...too cool mate!

  3. I love those flies! Nice job!

  4. Great post.I am really happy read this blog and see your image content.
    Best wishes and good luck!