Sunday, January 9, 2011

CDC and Elk hair Caddis

I spend a quick hour this morning tying some CDC and Elk flies to top up my fly box. I discovered on my last outing that I was out of these and seeing that it is one of my favorite dry flies, I needed to make some more. They are quick to tie and only use two materials.

A quick Step by step by the creator, Hans Weilenmann, can be found on


HOOK: Grip 11011BL
BODY: CDC Feather
WING: Elk or Deer hair

A variation on the theme is this darker version that has some dyed Squirrel tail fibers added to the Elk hair, as well as a Florescent red antron post to spot it better on the water. The squirrel fibers gives it lots of added movement on the water and lately this darker fly has become my go to pattern when looking for something to tie on.


  1. Beauty, simplicity, and effective.
    It won't get much better.


  2. Nice! I love anything with elk or deer hair. I have a lot of reading to do to catch up with things but I like what I'm seeing here. Thanks!

  3. I think CDC and Elk Caddis both are excellent patterns, and I wouldn't place one over the other, provided you set a size 16 smallest limit.