Monday, January 10, 2011

Tim Holschlag Fishing for Smallmouth Bass in South Africa

Tim Holschlag recently visited South Africa to do some Smallmouth Bass fishing. Check out his site to see what he had to say.

Smallmouth Bass Safari - South African Angling Adventure by Tim Holschlag

From Smallmouth Fly Angler



  1. Interesting. I haven't visited Tim's site in a while. Thanks for letting me know about this. I imagine if he traveled all the way to SA when he lives on the upper Mississippi River (home to some of the best Smallie fishing around) that you must have some good Smallie fishing going for you down there.

  2. My primary love is with wild trout and salmon (well not many wild ones left of those) but it's a blast catching agressive and such gallant 5 year old grandson gets bored with trying to catch trout but when we switch to bass fishing, which doesn't take very long to do when he's with me, he's is off the scale excited.

  3. Smallies are my fly fishing passion....I never considered that part of the world to be a small mouth mecca...

  4. Smallies is not a fish that I have actively targeted to often in the past but definitely something that I am going to be doing more this year.

    We are blessed with some awesome Smallie water as well as magical trout rivers. Then there is off coarse some great salt water fishing around as well. Mix that with great weather and you have a perfect place to come and visit.With our currency against the dollar it is also very affordable.

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