Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Fun

Some random Friday fun.

Ever wondered how you can fly fish for Gators?

1. Look for a rise
2. Tie on a suitable imitation (a pissed mate will do)
3. Check your knots
4. Lay out a perfect cast
5. Don't strike to early.

With some luck your mate will leave a added chum line on the back cast to give you a second go.

This guy is a riot.


  1. This was hilarious. Thanks I needed that!

  2. What a strange coincidence that you posted videos about gators and Bill Dance. Bill and I just happen to live in the same city (he lives in a suburb just outside Memphis), and I got to help him film a segment for TV involving a gator. Myself and another biology student at University of Memphis were the gator wranglers. To make a long story short, Bill came very close to losing his right hand to a gator. If the animal had been hungry... or more aggressive, he would have had to learn to cast left handed. Fortunately, the gator was very laid back (almost a lab pet) and gave him much more leeway than a wild animal would have. He basically did something we told him not to do, and we couldn't really stop him. The camera men gasped, and we did too... and Bill had no idea what we were reacting to. He seems a bit careless to say the least, but he is a great guy and I enjoyed meeting him.

  3. Grrreat Post!!! I enjoyed that a lot...