Thursday, March 17, 2011

Parachute Adams and a Pheasant tail nymph

You would think with the beautiful weather we had here in Cape Town lately that I would be fishing every weekend. Sadly I have had very little free time of late and just haven't had to energy or even the will to tie any flies during the spare time I get.

The reports from our local streams are not to good anyway with low water levels and only having a small window for some fishing early mornings  before the water temperatures gets to hot. Thankfully it seems that things are starting to turn a bit with longer nights and cooler mornings.

Even my favorite dam that we stock has been of limits during these hot months. The dam has always been my go to place when I have a short hour or so free as it is only 5 minutes from my house. Normally the fish would not survive the summer months as the water levels dropped considerably and the water temperatures rise. This past summer though we decided to keep the dam full during summer by topping it up thanks to the farmers new water allocation. It seemed to have kept the water temperatures lower and from all accounts it looks like quite a number of fish has survived the summer, so I am looking forward to catching a few monsters soon.

I did sit down and tie a few bread and butter flies a while back. These are nothing spectacular and are pretty much just the standard High Vis Parachute Adam's and Pheasant tail nymphs that always in my fly box.

Gray, Black and Olive


  1. Great adams! I need to try some with the bright post. I normally just use calf tail

  2. Thanks Dustin. The Fluorescent orange post is easy to spot even in the worst of light.

  3. I'm with Dustin my next batch get's something other then the white calf tail. It that synthetic or is it died?

  4. Count me in, I love the fluorescent orange as well. Why didn't I think of that?

  5. Thanks guys.

    Bruce the post is fluorescent orange Antron yarn.

  6. Great looking, and very visible flies.
    I was introduced to a synthetic called Aero Wing,in the color pink and it's also a highly visible post.

  7. Beautiful assemblies, simple and effective as I like.