Monday, March 21, 2011

Soft hackle dry

This is another highly visible dry fly that works quite well for me. I normally fish this in little streams that is tightly overgrown where you have to bow and arrow cast under bushes or into tiny little pockets between branches. I think the wider hen hackle adds an extra trigger for the fish as it creates lots of movement and creates a nice profile on the water. I have had a few fish take it when my leader gets hanged up on a branch and the fly just barely touches the water. It probably mimicked a spider hanging of a branch or something similar in those situations though it certainly wasn't tied to imitate one.

This fly floats quite well mainly due to the additional stiff grizzly dry fly hackle that is first tied in parachute style before the soft hackle gets winded though it.


HOOK: Grip 11011BL #16 or #18
TAIL: Micro fibbets
BODY: Stripped Peacock quill
HACKLE: Grizzle saddle and hen soft hackle feather
THORAX: Spikey hair's ear
POST: Fluorescent orange antron


  1. That is really a good looking little bug! It's got enough nasty to it that the fish won't be able to refuse it....

  2. I like that one because it looks like a spider...not that I like spiders! But, I would put a winning bet on that one...

  3. That is one very cool fly! It reminds me a lot of a water strider. I'm sure trout would find it hard to pass up.

  4. Very nice Morne,you have exceptional tying skills boet!

  5. Thanks guys.

    Midge Man I sometimes wonder why we tie all these neat little flies. Quite often the fish takes a more "ruffled up" fly with more gusto.

  6. Wow very nice indeed. Great work


  7. Amazing pattern I love it.

  8. Awesome Morne - would also look very good in Klinkhamer form...!

  9. Very cool fly - I'm going to have to try that! I like that "trout candy" nymph too.

  10. I need to fill my box with a few of these, nice Morne. Can't have you with all the trump cards when we start fishing again. heh heh