Monday, August 1, 2011

Blue Gum Grove 01-08-11

Had the day of work today to attend to some things. I managed to finish early and decided to go down the Blue Gum grove for the evening hatch. I tied up another Fish Skull fly over the weekend and decided to try it out. This fly had a awesome action in the water and I with the dam settling and the water very clear I could see a couple of fish giving it a look and a follow but none committed to it.

There were some fish rising around the dam and I think they might have been more focused on the hatch. I tied on a small nymph and first cast it was fish on. The little bit of wind dropped and the dam was transformed into a mirror, which together with the clear water made thing a bit difficult. I did manage to land another few fish though.

The was also a Fish Eagle competing with me. This was actually quite amazing to watch as he was sitting in a tree and every now and then he would launch himself and dive for a fish. I actually spend a good hour just sitting on the bank watching him. I shot a little movie on my point and shoot camera but it came out terrible. I really wished that I had my bigger camera with me as I could have taken some awesome shots.


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  1. That is one beautiful fly! I'll be looking at that a little closer. I'm also glad someone is beating the fish eagle.

  2. Nice streamer and pictures!

  3. Sweet looking streamer. Those fishheads make a good looking fly....Jeff

  4. In a lot of occasions I spend the time watching nature, a duck or a little bird. Is one the best part of fly fishing, the places are surrounded of very nice nature.

    All the best.

  5. Thanks for awesome pictures and your steamer experience

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