Sunday, September 11, 2011

No fishing, but still keeping busy

Its been 11 days since our stream season has opened and I still haven't been out there casting a line yet. Last year this time I would have been out a few times already, and the way things stand at the moment it will be another two weeks before I get the chance.  I picked up a sweet Sage Click III reel for a bargain and am dying to give it a try. I have even been putting of spooling it with a new line and some backing because I fear that if I do that I am going to have to call in sick at work to go try it out.

Just waiting for a new line

I have also been busy setting up the shop, but being technologically left behind it turns out more of a mission than I though. I though by doing it myself I would know all the in and outs so that when things go wrong I would at least be able to fix it. As it turns out most of the things that goes wrong is of my own doing. I am hoping to change the shops theme as soon as I figure out how to do it.

Apart from that I have also been tying some flies that is going on sale in the shop.

Those of you that know me knows that I hate tying the same fly over and over, so selling flies will not be a full time thing, but it always is nice to have some box fillers for the suckers clients to add to their orders.

I will leave you with a short clip of the first day of the season on one of the local streams that was shot by Tim Rolston from The Fishing Gene. Just turn of the sound as the traffic driving past is a bit annoying.


  1. I'm just glad to see you're still around! That's a really nice reel and I hope you get out soon to give it workout.

  2. nice flies!! I really like your packaging

  3. You better call in sick for the whole week :) I think I can hear the trout calling you. Great looking reel. Awesome flies too. Nothing worse than hearing vehicles while trying to fish peacefully. Tight Lines.

  4. You definitely need to give that reel a good christening.

  5. Cofisher and John: Thanks,gave it a workout today. It is sweet.

    Dustin: Thanks, Its homemade :-)

    Mr.Magee: Sadly was really sick on Thursday and Friday. Didn't get to fish though.

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