Sunday, September 18, 2011


I finally managed to celebrate the season  opening today by heading down to a local stream. Unfortunately the weather Gods didn't want to play along and I arrived at the river to a howling downstream wind at 8Am this morning. It was also freezing cold and the sky looked like it was going to pour buckets of water down on me at any moment. Nevertheless I rigged up, but on layers of clothing and cursed myself for not bringing my waders along. As I got to the river I quickly realized that there was no point in fishing upstream as I just couldn't get a cast in. My line and flies just kept on blowing back at me, so I turned around, added some heavy nymphs and a softhackle to my tippet and started to fish downstream.

The river is also still quite a bit high and in between this and the wind fishing wasn't easy. I hopped downstream from pool to pool for an hour an managed to land one brown trout for the effort.  This just isn't my preferred way of fishing and as I turned around I changed my flies to a dry and dropper and fished back upstream as the wind has dropped slightly by this time.  I missed one fish that came up to my dry and landed another brownie. By the time I got back to my starting point the heavens looked like it was going to open up at any moment and sure enough as I got to my car it started raining. All in all it wasn't  a very successful day, but at least I got to finally get out on the streams again and I did get to try out my new reel.


Getting back home I remembered that we got a notice that out power will be of for most of the day, and boy I realized today how spoiled we are. Normally Sundays are for playing around on the internet, catching up on some movies, and relaxing around home. Well without any electricity we kind of wondered what we are going to do the whole day. My wife suggested the shops and before I could come up with something else I was dragged away.

Returning home I decided to tie some flies (something I haven't really been doing much of lately) to fill some of the gaps in my flybox. After about 20 flies my eyes started to droop and it was snooze time. By the time I woke up the power was still not back on so the fire was lit and we had some delicious Lamb chops and pork ribs on the fire.

Size 16 grey parachute adams

                           Size 18 grey parachute adams 

Size 18 black parachute adams

I have also been playing around with a new shop logo the last couple of days. Let me know what you guys think.


  1. Sorry about your day, but welcome to my world. I haven't had a really, really good day this year. I've still got hope before the snow falls. In other news, the flies look great as does the new logo.

  2. Thanks Howard. A bad day on the river still beats no days on the river. Thanks for the kind words on the flies and logo.

  3. I wouldn't call a couple fish a "bad" day on the river. The new logo has a decent flow to it.

  4. At least you got out to do some fishing. Nice pictures and the flies look great!

  5. BTDT. Mother nature hates me right now. It has been raining like everyday here. I can't catch a break. At least you were able to land a few. Nice post.

  6. Got out to flick the rod around and you did have a sexy reel to hold onto.

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